The Donlon App!

Donlon Pharmacy has a Smartphone App!!

Available from the iTunes Store or the Google Play Store — just search for Donlon Pharmacy or else just Donlon.  The download is free.

There are some great features making it the easiest possible way to get refills or check your Rx history.

Refills: the most fun is to scan the barcode on your Rx bottle for a refill – it is fast and keyboard-liberated.

But the real power comes by signing up for a Web Account.  When you have a web account, you can include family members (spouse, children, pets) and look back at each person’s full Rx history. See if there are refills available, review the instructions for each med, and even access the drug Monograph with more detail about the medication.

This app is easy to use and saves a ton of time & hassle.  Here are links to the download: