Frequently Asked Questions.

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We’ll be adding to this later on, but here’s a few we have heard before.  Feel free to email in a question that we can include below.  Use the link to the right, in white letters:  Email our Pharmacy Staff.

  • Why does it take so long to just count a few pills into a bottle??!! [Click here] to see what goes on behind the scenes in the pharmacy: all the steps we have to go through to be sure the Rx is filled safely, correctly, legally, and consistent with your and your insurance company’s wishes.  There’s also some detail about what can go wrong in the process.  Being very careful to prevent errors and keep you safe is more important to us than speed.  And always will be.

  • Why is my copay so high??  [Click here] to see how prescription drug insurance works: few people realize that it is your insurance company alone who determines what your copay is:  the pharmacy who fills it does not set the copay.  Also, many plans have a deductible so you pay more until that dollar amount is reached.  Insurance plans change their formulary lists, tiers or copay structures whenever they see fit, often in response to changing drug costs or availability.  We are here to help you make sense of these things, so never be shy to ask us about your drug costs.  Sometimes we can come up with ways to bring down what you spend.

  • How secure is my private information? Well, that’s a bigger deal than most people realize.  Pharmacies are very closely regulated, as are all health care practices, with regard to patient information.  We will not discuss or share any information about any patient with anyone who is not authorized by virtue of extending care to that patient.  So if your doctor needs information from our pharmacy, we will share it.  But no-one without your authorization can get any information from a pharmacy.  By use of electronic signature capture devices and other systems, we try to make it as easy and convenient for patients as possible but we still adhere to all of the required privacy standards.  [Click here] to see a fuller discussion of our privacy policy.

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