Downtown Decorah

Water St, Downtown Decorah
Decorah is a great town and we’re proud to be a part of both its history and its active present day community.

If you’re stopping at the pharmacy but have a little extra time afterward, take a stroll along Water street and see what else is going on.

There are . . . 8? . . . 10? . . .  Many different places to eat within just 1 block of our store.  And if your legs can go an extra block or so, you’ll find a lot more choices.  Whether you want a quick affordable lunch, an intimate coffee house snack, a pizza or pasta sort of meal, an upscale gourmet eatery or good quality bar food, Downtown Decorah has it and you’ll just have to keep coming back to try them all.

Our downtown also has some excellent clothing shops, shoe stores, antiques, art stores of several kinds, a luxury hotel, bike shops, quilting & knitting shops, a food co-op with deli, a chick hatchery that also sells outdoor gear & clothing, an excellent Norwegian American museum and a some great new places where you can practice or learn new skills or arts yourself.  There’s more, but you’re just going to have to do the discovering for yourself.

The links list below is still in progress, but it’ll get you started.

Decorah Media

Decorah Business

Decorah Leisure

Creative Commons License photo credit: Bobak Ha’Eri