Independent Pharmacy Is Tops!

Proudly Independent.
Locally Owned & Operated.
Serving Decorah for 80 years.
So far.



Consumer Reports did a gigantic survey asking people to rate all the pharmacy options, from independents to big boxes to chains & mail order.  The results showed an “eye-popping” lead held by Independent pharmacies like Donlon Healthmart!  Here’s what the results showed about Independent Pharmacies, compared to all the rest:

  • Fewer Errors & fewer order mix-ups
  • Swifter Service = less waiting
  • Honored promises
  • Fewer delays or out-of-stock problems.  And faster restocking when out of stocks happen.
  • Better Personal Service
  • Greater Pharmacist Accessibility
  • Best value, including lower cash prices than most chain stores.
  • Common Weakness of Independents?  Websites.  So I guess we’re ahead of the curve on this too!


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