Online Refills


GOOD NEWS: Our Online Refill Tool is new and improved!


  • Use the link on the Donlon’s website to get to the new refill page: The “PRESCRIPTION REFILLS” button with the paper & pencil just at the top of the gray bar at your right.
  • You can choose the Express Refill option, which allows you to order a refill without signing in or getting an account. This is quick and easy, but does require you to have the Rx number.
  • Or you can sign up for your own Account, which will give you a lot more access to your medication history, allowing you to see which medications are ready for refill and which are not. You won’t have to hunt down any old bottles or Rx numbers as all the details will display in your Account. Even better, you can manage your account to set up automatic reminder calls (or emails or texts) for when medications are due for refilling or are ready for pickup.
  • This system will automatically phone a reminder to you about 4 days after we fill your prescription, if you have not yet picked it up. The system will phone again on the 10th day, if you have not picked it up and if we have not returned it to stock. An Rx that has been waiting 7 days may be returned to stock.
  • AAAAANNNNNDDD . . . We also have a smartphone app that is the easiest way to do refills.  Just look for RX2Go in your app store, download it and you’ll be able to do all the above things in the app.  Nice.


Oh, and before you ask: No, there is no way to pay for anything through this website. It’s about simplifying communication and your ability to manage your medication profile.


IMPORTANT NOTE: While you can update your phone numbers and such on the account management page, it will only make changes on that web page and will only affect how the automatic notification calls go out. You cannot update any of the information in our secure pharmacy software from there: our pharmacy software is completely isolated from the web-based refill tool. If you need to change the phone or address we have on file in the pharmacy, you’ll need to call us or stop by to let us know directly.

ALSO:  IF you are in the store (or call us) and give us your cell phone number for your profile, then the system will send you a text message about 15 minutes after we finish any prescription for you.  Early warning without having to answer a call!  Again:  Nice.

The Donlon Pharmacy website will still allow you to email us at this address ( and if you’re in a spot where it seems easier, you can still just email us your full name, which drug you want, and any instructions and we’ll refill it for you.


And of course you can also still send us text messages at 563-265-1774.