Retail Area

Gifts make great … presents.

And great presents make great friends.

Browse through our gift area this week and you’re sure to find the right thing to give Tom/ Tina, Dick/ Dierdre, Harry/ Harriet or your second cousin Zenobia.

Frogs, books, salt shakers, cards, perfume, photos, wine and more is available.  Have a look …



Gifts & Wine

Our gifts are awesome.   You need a frog, don’t you? Or maybe you need some stylish salt & pepper shakers?

  • Or Glass ornaments
  • Prints from local photographers
  • Books by local authors
  • Greeting cards of all kinds for all occasions
  • Gift cards for those times when you just can’t think what to give
  • There’s more, but it changes so often that you’ll just have to stop in an check it out yourself.


Wine at a pharmacy?!?  YES!

We carry several wines produced in Iowa that are very suitable gifts.  Pick up an attractive bottle opener or other wine accessory while you’re at it.



Downtown Decorah’s only source for perfumes and colognes!

We have many brands and types and if you don’t find what you want, our staff may be able to order it for you.









We recently received a very nice letter from one of our regular customers who has used the same after shave lotion for 30 years.  We special ordered it for him until our only supplier of that brand went out of business.  He wrote the letter because, while our staff told him they were working on finding it again, he didn’t believe it until he got a call saying they had found a new source!  He is able to continue with his favorite brand because of the tenacity and good faith of our retail staff.  This is good news for him, but it is just daily business for us.  It’s what we do.


Over the Counter Products

This includes medicines for your cold, your headache, your sore knee, your difficult hair, your digestive problems, and more.  From scalp to toe, we have all the tools you need to stay well and stay comfortable.


In addition, we have knowledgeable staff to help find things and pharmacists to listen to your details and choose the best therapy for whatever ails you.

  • We have a thorough selection of vitamins and supplements for all ages and needs.
  • We have most of the bandaids, gauze, and other supplies to handle simple wound care.
  • We have many products to address seasonal allergies, colds, coughs, aches & pains, and such.
  • We have a number of excellent topical products for fighting infections fungal and otherwise, promoting healing, resolving itches and fending off sunburn or acne.
  • We have a tremendous selection of moisturizing creams & lotions for dry skin
  • We have many different hair products, both medicinal and otherwise.
  • We have many products for oral and dental health.


Home Medical Needs

We have a lot of solutions for your home medical needs.



Toys, Games & More

We have games for all ages. Classics like chess, Uno, Yahtzee, and cribbage to new ones like the cool balancing game of Yali!

Looking for Lincoln Logs?  We have them.

Tinker Toys?  We have them.












Kodak Photo Processing

We can process your photos the Kodak way.  Bring in your old photos or your digital camera or any device where you store digital photos and you’ll be able to produce:

  • Reprints in several sizes & formats
  • DVDs
  • Holiday or greeting cards
  • Calendars
  • More options that I can’t even remember.  You’ll have to come down & try it out.

Do it all yourself at our Kodak Kiosk.  If you run into trouble, our staff will be glad to help you out.



Gift Cards

We have an extensive selection of giftcards to national big box stores & restaurants but also:

  • iTunes
  • Phone minutes from AT&T or Tracphone
  • Visa or Mastercard Gift cards that are like a debit card that can be used anyplace.
  • Also JC Penney and Sears, which have stores in Decorah.