Send Us A Text! 563-265-1774

We’re glad to accept text messages from your cellphone!

So you’re on your way to the pharmacy but you forgot to call in your refill?

  • No worries!  Just text us at 563-265-1RPH  (1774).
  • You can text us the Rx numbers you want filled,
  • or you can text in your full name & tell which medications you need refilled (good spelling optional),
  • or you can text us a question and wait for the answer to show up on your phone.
  • Only during open hours: if the store is closed, no one will receive your text until the store re-opens the following business day.


Or let’s say it’s Thursday night and you’re trapped in a church supper, sitting next to the pastor’s sister Bertha, who is telling you all the details of her recent trip to Branson.

  1. You remember you need to pick up your medicine before the pharmacy closes at 6:00 but you didn’t call in for your refill.  You won’t get out of here until 5:45, at best.
  2. Bertha is the sweetest old lady, but she was also your kindergarten teacher decades ago and she always makes you feel tiny and awkward.
  3. She’s real big on courtesy, so there’s no way you can make a call while you’re with her, but luckily you have learned to send text messages without looking.
  4. Carefully you reach into your sweatshirt pocket while making a comment about how much you agree that Johnny Mathis is better now than when he was young.
  5. Using the hyper-sensitive thumbs that you have trained to work from instinct alone, you dial 563-265-1774 for Donlon Pharmacy’s Texting service.  You really need to put the number into one of the auto-dial spots someday soon.
  6. Those miraculous thumbs then type in your name perfectly.  You pause to hum along with Bertha for a few bars of a song you’ve never heard in your life.  A song you feel sure Johnny Mathis hates singing as much as you do.
  7. Next those clever thumbs add the name of the medication you need, although you’re pretty sure you spell it wrong.  Doesn’t matter: this is a crisis & the Donlon staff will rise to the occasion!
  8. Hit ‘send’ and breathe a sigh of relief:  Mission Accomplished and she never even noticed your clandestine activities.  You wonder if you will need a triple dose of whatever medicine it is, once this dinner is finally over.
  9. Easy.  Now you can relax and wait for the ordeal to end.
  10. Sudden Panic! From your pocket comes the most awful noise!  It’s your cellphone ringing!
  11. You hurriedly reach into your pocket to get the darned thing and turn it off.
  12. Bertha is already starting to scowl and then her expression changes, just as your own mouth falls open in stunned horror.  As you pull the phone from your pocket, its full volume floods the room and makes heads turn all the way at the other end, and now you recognize that song!
  13. It’s impossible, but suddenly your ring-tone is playing the Johnny Mathis song that Bertha was just humming!  Her old face breaks into a smile at the mischievous kid you always were.
  14. She thinks you’re great, you feel sick to your stomach from that terrible song but you try to smile anyway, even as your memory brings up that one time she caught you eating paste after recess.
  15. You check the message and it’s from Donlon Pharmacy and it just says “OK”.  Short & sweet.
  16. After the dinner’s over, you scuttle over to the pharmacy and there’s your stuff, already filled and ready.  Nice!
  17. You’ve got a few minutes before the store closes and you find yourself in the school supplies aisle, looking at the paste. Hmm, only $1.49 . . . .   No!   Stop! It’s time to go home.  Will power!
  18. How can one old woman have such an effect on you?  It’s scary!